My dream was to be a professional footballer

By the age of 16 I was playing for a professional football club and it all came to a halt when I injured myself. I had alongside been studying carpentry and joinery as an apprentice and this became my main focus following my injury. Having completed my apprenticeship I decided to broaden my horizons and I travelled extensively for a period of 4 years. I felt a connection to India in particular and by spending a lot of time there I discovered myself again after my dream of becoming a footballer was no longer possible.

Since then I worked within the building industry for 20+ years as a carpenter, project manager and business owner, in both residential and commercial sectors. For 12 years I run my own commercial building business, which I sold in 2016.

I founded Optisoul as a vehicle to fulfill my passion for designing innovative bespoke buildings, and create optimal living spaces for my clients. Your garden room is a place for you to enjoy where you can work, rest or play, and will last beyond your time.

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Innovation and sustainability

With my team, we design totally bespoke spaces for you and your needs. We prefer not to use pre-fabricated or module-based builds.

With over two decades of experience within the building industry we design and build optimal living spaces to latest building regulation standards. We incorporate ancient architectural principles, combined with cutting edge sustainable building materials, and building techniques with skilled craftsmen.


How did Optisoul came about

My wife is a massage therapist and healer and she used to run her business from a dining room table and a spare room. At our new house we wanted a space for her business at the bottom of the garden. As I investigated options it became very apparent that what was available was overwhelmingly confusing for the un-trained eye and mind. 

I decided to educate myself on the options available. My research concluded that I could build a fabulous garden room to the latest building regulations and thermal values as opposed to a standard log cabin, and also create a storage room in the back for my tools! So this is what I did. 

Friends saw what we did, wanted one for themselves, and the rest is history.

Have a look at Gennye Lion’s project

Building with your well-being integrated

Vastu is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature ultimately balancing them with man and materials. By unifying the five elements and balancing them with Man and Materials, we can ensure paving a way for enlightenment, happiness and prosperity within your new living space.

Would you like to read more about Vastu's architecture principles?

By investing in Optisoul you are helping us to achieve our mission to build a sustainable school classroom and play area in India

At the heart of Optisoul is the unwavering commitment to do good in the world. Having received so much from my travel experiences in India many years ago, I remember thinking to myself at the time how nice it would be to one day show my gratitude and give something back. I now have an opportunity to give back! I have made a commitment to myself to build a much needed multi functional classroom and play area Optisoul style for children to learn and play in a beautiful environment. I will endeavor to hire local tradesmen and women and support the local community in buying locally where possible.