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At Optisoul we believe every part of our life is profoundly laced with the design, build and decor of the habitats we occupy. Our garden rooms are not only a place to live, work, rest or play. They also expand mental space, creativity and well-being.

With 20 years experience in the building industry and with a dedication to quality and excellence, Creig Franklin Rainbow Anderzon builds exceptional rooms that feel like an extension of your own home. A personal, heart-felt service to create an optimal living space for you.

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Our service provides you with the option to integrate Vastu principles, an ancient architecture system that helps us optimise the designs. Vastu takes into account the orientation of the plot, the location and how the elements of nature will affect the build favourably.

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I undertake projects in Surrey and surrounding areas in the UK.
Your consultations will combine in-person site visits, emails and online communications.

Having an office at the bottom of our garden has been life changing. I now have a clearer boundary between work and the rest of my life. We’re so pleased with how it looks and feels, the build quality is excellent – and I love working there.
— Helena Clayton – Leadership Development: coach, facilitator, consultant

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