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Bozhena’s vision and requirements

The original build necessitated structural improvements due to the cabin being canter-levered. A beautiful river location, with a complex site, required Optisoul to supply and install additional structural steel work to support the weight of the cabin safely.

I had a new garden studio built in an area which was difficult to access. We had some decking installed around it, but it did not feel safe and secure over the cantilevered edge.
Creig took a good look at the project and came up with an excellent modern solution. The decking and glass fence are of excellent quality and much safer to walk on. The stairs are also clad, making it more visually attractive. I would recommend Creig and his team: he was very clear in pricing structure and stuck to the budget, he provided excellent advice, quality build in a timely fashion.
— Bozhena Zoritch


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